Jobs for agricultural and farming equipment mechanics

farming and agricultural equipment mechanic jobsAgriculture equipment mechanics have the experience, training and skills to maintain and repair many different types of agricultural equipment including tractors, combines and a wide range of other machinery. They also know how to diagnose and troubleshoot the large engines in this equipment and the electrical, transmission and hydraulic systems that make it work Agriculture equipment tills the soil, plants the seeds, applies agrichemicals to facilitate yields and harvests a wide range of crops that enrich our lives. . Skilled agriculture equipment mechanics keep this equipment working safely and efficiently year after year. Most agriculture equipment mechanic positions require some travel working on equipment out in the field.

Qualifications for Agricultural Equipment Mechanic Jobs

  • Possess a Farm Equipment or Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic License.
  • Commercial driver’s license.
  • Verifiable work history.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Certification in a specific area of agriculture equipment repair: brakes, electrical systems or suspension & steering.

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Types of Agricultural Machinery

Soil Cultivation:
Cultivator, Cultipacker, Chisel plow, Harrow, Spike harrow, Drag harrow, Disk harrow, Plough, Power tiller /Rotary tiller / Rototiller, Spading machine, Subsoiler, Two-wheel tractor, Stone Picker

Broadcast seeder, Planter (farm implement), Plastic mulch layer, Potato planter, Seed drill, Air seeder, Precision drill, Transplanter, Rice transplanter

Harvesting / Post-Harvest:
Beet harvester, Bean harvester, Cane Harvester, Carrot Puller, Chaser bin, Combine harvester, Conveyor belt, Corn harvester, Cotton picker, Fanning mill, Farm truck, Forage harvester, Gleaner Gravity wagon, Haulout Transporter, Potato digger, Potato harvester, Rice huller, Sickle, Swather

Backhoe, Front end loader, Skid-steer loader

Agricultural Machinery Brands

John Deere
New Holland Dealers
Massey Ferguson

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