Jobs for coach and bus mechanics

bus-coach-mechanic-technician-jobsBus mechanics are directly responsible for maintaining and repairing these complex machines and keeping them reliably on our roads. Bus mechanics have the skills and knowledge to diagnose, troubleshoot and repair large diesel engines and the electrical, hydraulic and transmission systems found on these vehicles. Additionally, they are able to perform inspections which ensure that buses perform safely and through the skills of bus mechanics, the longevity of these vehicles is greatly extended. Buses ensure that people arrive to their desired destinations efficiently, comfortably and safely every day.

Qualifications for Coach Technician & Bus Mechanic Jobs

  • Verifiable work history.
  • Commercial driver’s license.
  • Clean driving record.
  • Technical degree or equivalent on-the-job experience.
  • Certification by state or province licensing body.
  • Strong understanding of diesel engines and hydraulic, electrical and electronic systems.

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