trailer mechanic jobsThe vast majority of the goods that add comfort and convenience to our lives move from the manufacturer to the marketplace in trailers pulled by diesel tractors. These trailers withstand the pounding of hauling tens of thousands of pounds of cargo mile after mile, and trailer mechanics are the skilled personnel that keep this equipment on the job. Trailer mechanics are able to inspect, diagnose, troubleshoot and repair trailers and have a thorough understanding of the structural, electrical and hydraulic systems on this equipment. They are skilled in the use of hand tools, welders, cutting torches, grinders and other machine tools, are able to stand for long periods and often work in extreme climates.


Qualifications for Trailer Mechanic Jobs

  • Verifiable work history.
  • The ability to perform a wide range of trailer repairs including welding and parts fabrication.
  • Strong knowledge of the hydraulic, mechanical, electrical, structural and refrigeration systems of trailers.
  • The ability to perform maintenance and inspect, diagnose and repair trailers from different manufacturers.

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