Our recruiting firm helps employers attract professional diesel mechanics and heavy equipment technicians
Why Recruit With Mechanics Hub?

Established in 1988, Mechanics Hub (formerly Maizis & Miller Recruitment Specialists) is North America’s premier specialty recruiter for diesel mechanics, heavy equipment technicians, and related trade professionals.

There are many reasons why partnering with us will help you build the best team for your company. Here are a few:

1) We have the LARGEST proprietary network of diesel truck mechanics, heavy equipment technicians, apprentices, shop management and related trade professionals.

2) Our recruiting services are 100% contingency-based, meaning no fees are involved unless you hire one of our referrals.

3) Our recruiting database contains over 56,000 pre-screened diesel machinery professionals from across Canada and the United States. These job seekers are members of Mechanics Hub who are ready and willing to collaborate with us on their current and future career paths.

4) Our jobs are posted across the entire web. When a job is posted, it appears not only on our job board and in top Google Searches, but also across major and niche job boards throughout the United States and Canada. Mechanics Hub places diesel machinery professionals in more industries and more locations than any other company in North America.

Have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or contact us and start building your diesel dream team today!

A diesel mechanic wrench used in our recruiting processes
Recruiting Diesel Dream Teams Since 1988

COST: Our firm charges a one-time fee per hire. All placements are 100% contingency based. You only pay once you’ve hired one of our referrals. Your company has complete control with respect to who you meet, hire and how much you want to pay them.

FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY: We provide a 3 month free replacement warranty. If the candidate you hire doesn’t work out, we’ll replace them, at no cost to you. This credit does not expire and it is fully transferable to another branch or location, if requested. Mechanics Hub is proud to state that we have ALWAYS been successful with our warranty replacement to our clients’ satisfaction.

RECRUITING MANAGER: As a client, you will be assigned one point of contact for all your recruiting efforts. This ensures seamless and effective communication between our firm and your company. Our professional recruiting team has the in-depth knowledge, skills and expertise to find the best candidate for your needs.

PROACTIVE RECRUITMENT: The best mechanics and trade professionals don’t stay on the job market long. As a client of Mechanics Hub, we keep your company informed about new talent that would make an excellent addition to your team. We act as your eyes and ears, notifying you immediately when strong candidates become available. Our firm is strategically proactive in helping our clients build the best team possible.

GENERATE BUZZ: We operate the largest network of diesel machinery professionals on the Internet. Candidates trust the Mechanics Hub brand to help them secure great jobs and deliver up-to-date trade news, resources and information. As a client of Mechanics Hub, we place your company in this spotlight, attracting a level of talent and professionalism that you couldn’t get on your own.

LOWER EXPENSES, INCREASE REVENUES: By collaborating with a professional network like Mechanics Hub, we can lower your costs of hiring and improve revenues by placing the best talent for your company.

View our FAQs for commonly asked questions or contact us to find out how we can build your dream team.

Resources for diesel mechanic employers looking for job candidates
The Largest Diesel Resource Online

The Mechanics Hub Toolbox was first developed in 2006 as a standalone resource site that defined our firm and separated us from all other recruiters in the eyes of the mechanic trade. It has become one of the web’s most content-rich resource for diesel and heavy duty professionals enabling them to connect, share content and engage with a community of experts. A first of its kind, the Toolbox enables us to give back to the thousands of diesel machinery professionals we work with on a daily basis.

ARTICLES: Helping to keep trade professionals up-to-date with the latest industry buzz and trade news including breaking updates about what’s going on in their trade, the key players, and content of interest.

ENTERTAINMENT: Posting jokes, cartoons, and world records, including a massive archive of engaging videos & photos to keep everyone entertained.

TIPS & TRICKS OF THE TRADE: A collection of tips and tricks of the trade from leading professionals around the web across all types of diesel and heavy equipment!

TRADE RESOURCES: An array of training resources including lists mechanic schools across North America, crossword puzzles, stolen equipment registry and university level mechanics tests.

DIESEL FORUM: A community of mechanics, trade experts, and machinery enthusiasts on our diesel forum where anyone can interact with fellow mechanics, ask questions, work on issues, or get their name out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Mechanics Hub different from other recruitment firms?

In business since 1988, we are a niche-recruiting firm that has developed North America’s largest network of Diesel Truck Mechanics, Heavy Equipment Technicians, and related trade professionals. We provide skilled professionals to multiple industries such as agriculture, construction, forestry, marine, mining, transportation, and oil & gas. Our niche is supported by a high profile marketing campaign in all major trade and industry publications with additional exposure on hundreds of specialized internet sites as well as all relevant social networks and through ongoing SEO. As a niche recruitment firm, Mechanics Hub is able to distinctly differentiate ourselves from the sea of generalist or “full service” agencies that abound. This site is very effective in driving candidates to our jobs as it has become the Internet’s most content rich resource for the trade.
Our recruiting team sets us apart. At Mechanics Hub, we have a strategic mix of certified HR professionals and licensed tradesmen who utilize the latest technology and Internet recruiting strategies to maximize our network. Our in house sales team continues to secure relationships with top tier employers throughout North America, thereby ensuring a large selection of employment opportunities for the mechanics we represent. Our goal is to develop career long relationships with our candidates and offer them an unparalleled staffing service that is completely focused on their specific trade. Additionally, we have exposure at all colleges across Canada that offer these journeymen programs. From a Mechanic’s point of view, Mechanics Hub has become an invaluable service to enhance their career options, and all at no cost to them. Ultimately, we offer a great deal of expertise in dealing with these tradespeople, the companies and industries that hire them and clearly understand what a good fit is for both our clients and candidates.

We have an HR department, so why do we need an agency?

Human Resource departments today cover a lot of ground with respect to their scope of responsibilities and it seems these responsibilities are constantly growing. These include contract negotiations, benefits, performance reviews, WSIB issues, unions, health and safety, recruiting, etc. Most HR departments’ method of recruiting, when the need arises, is to search their internal database, public databases, run job ads, place internet postings on their company’s website and wait for suitable candidates to apply. This is considered passive recruiting — a strategy that generally produces (to quote the recruiting guru Steve Finkle) “the best of the unemployed, best of the unhappy and best of the unqualified!” Let’s keep in mind how easy it is to send out a resume today.
Recruiting, in its essence, means contacting top talent – typically, employed professionals who are not actively looking for work. These top tier candidates may be interested and available when approached in the right manner by a professional and credible recruiting firm. Most, if not all, HR departments just don’t have the time or resources to actively work a network within a specific niche. Even if they could, their “candidate attractiveness” is limited by having too few opportunities to offer potential candidates. If your organization requires a professional search company focused on heavy duty truck mechanics, heavy duty equipment mechanics or various types of skilled diesel machinery professionals, then that is where Mechanics Hub comes to the forefront. Our recruiters actively network exclusively with these trade specialists on a full-time basis. They have developed positive relationships with thousands of mechanics who see the value in dealing with an agency dedicated to their trade.

How long will it take for you to find me a candidate?

This depends on a variety of factors such as location, compensation, shift, demographics, market conditions, working conditions, equipment, and company attractiveness to candidates. That being said, our network and technology are in place to ensure our clients receive candidate submissions as soon as possible.

I have an agency that I am happy with.

That’s great; however, no one agency can do it all. Be very cautious with agencies that use terms like “Full Service” or “Generalist” when describing their scope of service. Visit their website and browse their job offerings. How many positions do you see that match your requirements? Ask them about their search strategy. It’s very difficult to have expertise in so many areas, which is why a niche firm will always be able to outperform a generalist recruiting firm in attracting strong candidates, and typically will produce results much faster.

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

We work on a contingency basis, so our clients are never obligated to pay if we do not find a candidate that meets or exceeds their requirements. All placements come with a 3-month warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

How do you attract the top talent in the industry?

Understanding, first and foremost, that we impact people’s lives, we always use a positive and professional manner. We treat our candidates as we would like to be treated, with professionalism and respect. This is the cornerstone of our strong relationships with our candidates.
Mechanics Hub currently facilitates the hiring of more Mechanics than any other company. We have built the largest active network specific to this trade, which covers all facets of the internet. Our job board has a huge selection of employment opportunities for this trade and we offer more employment variety at progressive stages of a candidate’s career.

Our recruiters are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable specialists dedicated to this specific trade. Passive job notification technology ensures our candidates are made instantly aware of all new opportunities in their field of interest. Mobile-optimized websites, as well as iPhone and Android apps called “Mechanic Hub Jobs,” are all designed to make it very easy to apply to our postings. Finally, we built the Mechanics Hub Toolbox, the most content-rich online resource for this trade and a key attractor of talent. The site is a staffing industry first!

How successful are you at replacing candidates?

We are very proud of our successful replacement rate of 100%. This highly revealing number is the most underused marketing statistic and a very important factor to consider when selecting an agency.

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