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The 10 Greatest Engineering Feats of the Decade

We like cool engineering. To help celebrate the achievements of the wider construction world, we’ve assembled a list of the projects we think constitute the greatest engineering achievements of the last decade. You might not agree with all the entries, or their ranking, but the ingenuity behind each of these projects is undeniable. Each one also represents a massive leap of faith in the power of engineering to overcome the challenges of the natural world and to extend the boundaries of achievement. Notably three of the entries are from China, which has led the world in unbridled engineering ambition over the last ten years. Each one of the Chinese projects seems determined to defy the limitations of its natural surroundings, as indeed do many of the others. 1. Millau viaduct 2. Burj Khalifa 3. Three gorges dam 4. Langeled pipeline 5. Qingzang Tibet railway 6. Taipei 101 7. Hangzhou bay bridge 8. Big Dig aka the Central Artery/Tunnel Project (CA/T) 9. Ras Laffan gas trains 10. Large hadron collider