Team of mechanics improving their resumes.

I just finished my first night of trucking school. 5:30-8:30 Pm. I’ve always had an interest in trucks, and trucking. Ever since my first job at a truck shop as a general labourer, when I was 15. Now over 10 years later I’m finally putting the wheels in motion, literally! I won’t be hanging up the wrenches just yet, in exchange for a life on the road. Instead I’m merely just building up my mechanical resume, always putting my best foot forward for future employers.

As an apprentice, I believe it’s important to try and treat my job and some extracurricular time, like school. I consider myself to be a student of the mechanical world. Sucking in knowledge like a spooled up turbo sucking air. Early mornings and late nights are the norm for most students, and the same for any hard working apprentice. By attending trucking school at night, I will gain more knowledge of the trucking industry, gathering insight on what truckers deal with on the road. And have some fun while doing it. Who doesn’t love jamming gears in a big rig! Is there anything better? I think not.

Most decent shops seem to be looking to hire 3rd/4th year apprentices and of course journeymen. I, myself am a second year apprentice. So, I need to make my resume stand out, when it comes time to look for something more advanced. Having a commercial driver’s licence should give me that extra edge in the employment race. I’ll be able to test drive trucks, and deliver trailers if need be. Also, if for some reason I get tired of wrenching, a career as a truck driver is there as backup. A truck driver who knows the mechanics of his truck inside and out, that’s an employable man!

What I’m saying is, as an apprentice I’m constantly trying to improve myself, and will continue to do so as long as possible. When I feel like there is no more knowledge to be gained, I will move on.