Mechanics have a serious need for the right tools and equipment to get their jobs done. It takes serious power to work on cars and that’s why the shop must be outfitted properly. When designing a shop for yourself make sure you have taken steps to have an experienced contractor helping you get exactly what you need for the project. Consider all the tools that you’ll want in the shop, how much space you’ll need for vehicles and what the optimal setup will be for all that.

Ensure there is Plenty of Power

Mechanics rely on powerful tools like welders and air compressors. Make sure that you have the right wiring to meet those power demands during the install. Have a 200V line added to the shop as well as multiple breaker panels to keep the circuit breaker from getting overloaded while you work.

Get Enough Space

Cars take up a lot of space, tools take up a lot of space and so do storage cabinets and shop tables. You’ll want to ensure that your shop has enough space for all those things. Invest in enough shop space so you can fit everything that you need, and so you have a bit of room to grow as well if you decide you want some additional tools or equipment in your garage.

Add a Sink

The best mechanic’s garages around the world come with an industrial wash-basin that makes cleaning off parts, and your hands a bit easier to do. Have a dedicated plumbing line installed for the basin and you’ll be ready to tackle some dirty jobs out in the shop.

Include a Drain

It’s helpful to be able to wash vehicles off out in the shop, and that means installing a floor drain to avoid pools of water in your space. Consider adding one or several drains throughout the concrete floor of your shop to keep moisture from being an issue.

Ventilation is Very Important

Many mechanical projects require using caustic chemicals, which means ventilation is very important. Have a top-end ventilation system installed on your home to keep the interior space nice and clean while you work. This is particularly important for welders and mechanics that work with paint.

Insulation and Modern Doors and Windows

Don’t scrimp on the insulation or door and window quality when putting your shop up. You want to keep out the elements on hot days and cold days, and the right insulation will make this a whole lot easier to do.

Invest in Fire Safety

Every good shop should have at least a single fire extinguisher and larger shops should consider a sprinkler system. Outfit the wall with a minimum of one fire extinguisher to keep things safe in the event of a fuel-based fire.

The best mechanic’s shop considers everything that the mechanic will do and need to get the job done. Include all the elements above when designing and having it built, and features to meet any other needs that you have for your new shop.