Life Lessons with an Apprenticing Mechanic

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A gear explaining what mechanic life is like.

What It’s All About

Working as an apprentice mechanic is tough. Day after day of hard work, physically demanding labour, and mentally challenging tasks. Why do we do...
Team of mechanics improving their resumes.

Beefing Up the Ol’ Mechanic Resume

I just finished my first night of trucking school. 5:30-8:30 Pm. I’ve always had an interest in trucks, and trucking. Ever since my first...
The hardships of beginning a career as a mechanic.

Working as an Apprentice – the Trials and Tribulations

The end of April, 2011. I was fresh out of my entry level trades training in Vancouver. I had taken a year of...
A wizard mechanic coming out of a genie bottle.

Experienced Mechanics – the Wizards of Repair

Journeymen get older as apprentices grow wiser. As an apprenticing heavy equipment technician, I've had the opportunity to work with some incredible mechanics. Experienced...