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CFPA W. Gagne

CFPA W. Gagne

City: Sept-Iles
Province/State: Quebec
Website: http://www2.inforoutefpt.org/guide/det_centre_sec.asp?QCode=792440&QRegion=9&QProg=5055&QPubId=5055
Mechanic Programs: Heavy Equipment

Heavy Equipment Program Summary:
Acquire knowledge and develop skills and attitudes required to verify, to disassemble, repair, reassemble and adjust the standards and hydraulic clutches, transmissions regular and semi-automatic, hydraulic brakes, the steering boxes, the steering clutches, suspension and drive shafts for tractors, graders, Bouteux, heavy trucks off-road and other construction equipment, to ensure the maintenance of power systems and injection of to the development of diesel engines.

Program Duration: 1800 hours

Program Contact Details:
Phone: (418) 964-2881
Fax: (418) 968-6536