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Cummins ISC Electric Fuel Pump

Cummins ISC Fuel Transfer Pump

The Cummins ISC Diesel Engine is the electronic version of the “C” mechanical model. The ISC uses a electronically controlled fuel transfer pump compared to the older mechanical version. There have been some failures in our fleet with the electronically controlled pump but not in epidemic proportions.

In the video I have included a short demonstration of the pump operating so you can get an idea on what the pump sounds like. It runs at a very high RPM and does a good job to prime the fuel system. When replacing the fuel filter it does not have to get primed with fuel before installation.

Replacing Fuel Filter

You install the filter dry then you run the electric fuel pump to prime it. Only filtered fuel enters the filter. When the fuel pressure gets to a certain point the pump shuts down. Over the last 13 years we have only replaced half a dozen fuel pumps so they are very resilient.

It’s either a fuel leak or the pump is not performing well on the mechanical / electrical motor drive side. Since the ISC engines are installed in a Thomas pusher engine bus the pump is difficult to reach. The fuel pump is mounted on the passenger side at the rear of the block.