Donaldson Co., manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, announced the company’s ground-breaking fuel filtration technology is available for Cummins ISX engines. There are two Donaldson Blue fuel filters available: The DBF5811 for 15.0-liter ISX engines and DBF6776 for 11.9-liter ISX engines.

On-engine fuel filters offer the last chance to remove damaging contaminants from diesel fuel, Donaldson said. It’s essential that fuel filters remove and retain as much contaminant as possible in all types of operating conditions. Donaldson Blue filters with Synteq XP nanofiber media offer best-in-class contaminant capture and containment; tests show that they deliver fuel that is four times cleaner than other manufacturers’ best filters, according to the company.

Clean fuel is essential. With the high pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel systems used in today’s engines, research shows that even small amounts of very fine contaminant can do serious damage to injectors. Contaminant exposure can cause premature fuel system wear and even injector failures, resulting in unexpected downtime and expensive repairs.

According to Jeff Stierman, general manager of the liquid filtration business at Donaldson, “Cleaner fuel can have a real impact on a truck owner’s bottom line. Offering a higher level of injector protection helps to keep trucks in service and on the road, reducing the occurrence of expensive repairs. Whether you manage a fleet of thousands of trucks or are an independent owner/operator, if you run ISX engines, the availability of Donaldson Blue fuel filters is really good news.”

The secret to the enhanced performance is in the filter media, the company said. Donaldson Blue fuel filters use proprietary Synteq XP nanofiber technology. While traditional filters use resin to bind fibers together (which fills gaps and causes filters to clog with contaminant sooner), Synteq XP media use resin-free fiber bonding. When the filter media isn’t “pre-clogged” by resin, it lowers the overall restriction allowing it to do what filters are intended to do—remove and retain more of the smallest contaminant. Donaldson Blue said that its fuel filters deliver industry-leading performance of greater than 99% efficiency for contaminant four microns or larger.