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Doosan Introduces Newest Wheel Loader and Wheel Excavator at World of Concrete 2016

Manufacturers of heavy equipment and suppliers from the global commercial concrete and masonry industry will gather to showcase innovations and new products at the 2016 World of Concrete international trade show held in Las Vegas, NV, February 2-5 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Doosan will be showcasing its newest wheel excavator and wheel loader at their booth in the convention center’s Central Hall. The new DL220-5 wheel loader and the DX140W-5 wheel excavator, along with all of their respective peripherals, will each be featured at the Doosan booth.

The DL220-5 Wheel Loader

Designed for superior performance in a variety of settings, Doosan’s DL220-5 wheel loader boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor:

  • Expanded productivity
  • Improved maintenance and serviceability access
  • Increased operator comfort and usability
  • Easy attachment changes

The DL220-5 can be paired with a Z-bar loader linkage arm, an optional quick coupler, or a pallet fork attachment. It is the best piece of heavy equipment for general construction projects and is especially fit for lifting heavy materials, with or without a pallet fork.

DX140W-5 Wheel Excavator

With its heavy duty rubber tires, this piece of heavy equipment is ideally suited for use on paved surfaces. With a 124 net-horsepower Doosan DL06 engine, the 14.3 metric-ton Tier-4 compliant wheel excavator also sports several improvements over its able forerunner.

  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced visibility using rear cameras and camera monitoring
  • Joystick as well as floor pedal operations
  • Upgraded alternator
  • Standard Two –pump flow
  • Improved positioning of emergency stop

Doosan’s powerful new wheel excavator can also be enhanced with optional attachments such as a power tilting coupler and hydraulic breaker. The power tilting coupler is great for worksites that require trench digging, final grading, or general excavation. With its versatility and flexibility, it does away with the need for multiple attachments.

Doosan’s powerful hydraulic breaker can deliver up to 750 strikes per minute, making it a useful rental attachment for any project requiring removal of old concrete and asphalt.