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Eco Boat Powered by Human Fat

The world’s fastest eco-boat is going to make an attempt at breaking the round the world speed record using human fat based fuel with a zero carbon footprint. The boat is owned by Pete Bethune, who mortgaged his house and sold all he and his wife’s belongings to make it happen. The lunatic even had liposuction to donate some of his own fuel for the project – about 100ml worth. Two other much larger patrons contributed 10 liters in total. This made about 7 liters of fuel and will get the boat about 15 km (~9 miles) out of their 44,000+ km (28,000+ mile) journey. The current record for the journey is 75 days, and Bethune hopes to do it in around 65. The boat cost about $3 million to build, carries 3,000 gallons of fuel, and weighs 23 tons when full. No word if they intend on filling all 3,000 gallons with human-fat fuel, or a combo of that and other bio-fuel If they do plan on going all human fat, they need to get in contact with my wife. She could definitely fill that thing up. Or if they get low during the trip she could just float out and top them off. She’s huge folks, it’s gross.