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Is Engine Oil Additive Necessary?

The salesman doing this demo is from LubriLabs and judging from the demo the engine oil additive he used is impressive. It costs 25.00 a liter or about half that by the drum. You need to mix 10% of the additive when changing oil so it would cost 50.00 extra on an oil change if you didn’t buy bulk.

The objections I have is why is this additive necessary when the diesel engine oils out there are a very high quality especially since emission controlled engines came into the market in 2007. All of the diesel engine oils are CJ4 low ash that protect the emission controlled diesel engine from excessive soot build up.

We use a Castrol product called Hypuron which is a semi-synthetic 15w40 product that gets changed every 15,000 kilometers. This is way before OEM oil change requirements so we’re getting less build up of soot and ash. Another factor is oil samples are included with the bulk oil deal we signed with Castrol.

Every single oil change gets sampled and sent out to a lab where it’s analyzed very closely for metals and unwanted fluids like coolant and fuel. So far we have not had any catastrophic problems with our bulk engine oil.

I am impressed by the oil additive that was presented in the video but it’s not a necessary addition that I could justify. The added expense and maintenance would add time to a major service and since our fleet is not severe duty this product is not something I am going to be interested in.

Comment below if you use additives or are thinking about it. I would be interested to hear your story. There are a lot of pros and cons with any kind of additive and I know there are fleets out there that do use them. This is a maintenance procedure I would rather do without having enough work on our plate already.