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Fastest High Speed Train

The Siemens-built Velaro E high- speed train has debuted in Spain, carrying passengers between Madrid and Barcelona. The Velaro E is the first series-production high-speed train that can be operated at a speed of 350 km/h. It is also the first German high-speed train to operate on a railway line in Spain where the first passengers can now take advantage of regular service. In 2006, the Velaro E, called the “AVE S 103”, set a new world speed record of 403.7 km/h for series-production trains. The new record was achieved during a test run between Madrid and Barcelona. “Our Velaro E reached this speed after starting from standstill although it was only a series- production model without any modifications. There are trains which have traveled faster, but they are always only prototypes or specially equipped test vehicles,” stressed Hans M. Schabert, President of Siemens Transportation Systems. The previous world record speed for series-production trains was 368 km/h and was set by an ICE