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    Gary from Ohio here with a cat question.
    I have had 3 or 4 diesel cars and am a mechanic so I am not a total idiot.
    I am looking at a 40 foot trawler boat to buy that Has a 1997 cat 3116 325hp Turbo Marine engine.
    My thought is that Turbo’s like higher range rpm’s to function efficiently and well. Our old Mercedes 220 diesel seemed to get the same fuel economy at whatever RPM’s you held her to. In our Mercedes turbo and VW “Scandal” Sportwagon and now Chevy Cruze Italian diesel when you drop below 1,800 rpm’s the fuel economy drops considerably.
    I plan on running at maybe 1,100 to 1,500 rpm’s for extended periods of time on the boat.

    Can I disconnect the Turbo and components converting the motor back to a naturally aspirated engine ?
    If so what all is involved? I figure the pump will have to be retuned…maybe different Jet.<BR>
    Might be idiotic but I figure it might be the correct thing to do.
    If that is not an option, what other way can I go?
    Any thoughts here will e much appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance, Gary

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    John Whelan

    Hi Gary,

    Removing the turbo will cause VERY heavy smoke out the tail pipe and a complete loss of power. If you want to see what happens remove one of the charge air cooler (turbo) hoses and put a load on the engine. No power lots of smoke. I worked on the 3116 on our bus fleet and any kind of calibrating to the governor has to be done at the injection shop with special tools. You have a good engine there it’s not dominated by fuel emissions. I know from experience the valves have to be kept adjusted up to specs. They are fussy to set up and you need the proper CAT tool kit.

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