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    Okay took my 1996 Topkick to cat dealer and had the injectors synked and run over head the fuel rack two center bearings bolts and or rivets came out so they replaced those. started truck ran great but it ran out of fuel. put fuel in got fuel to head on both lines back and front and truck won’t start well unless you put a little eather in and still won’t pick up fuel and run….Any suggestions other then putting this new 12 valve cummins in it? Thanks 25578600001_large.jpg

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    John Whelan

    If the truck ran before and you have fuel to the head I’m wondering what would cause the no run condition (this is what I do if the engine does not have a priming pump).

    Crack a fuel line downstream and as close to the tank as possible, then cover the fuel fill tube with a shop rag and shoot some shop air into the tank. Once you get flow go further downstream and do the same. This step is old school but totally eliminates any air in the system.

    The engine fuel pump is in the governor and runs off the governor driveshaft with a cam lobe. The fuel shutdown solenoid will click on with ignition. The windings are energized with engine running spring released to shutdown the governor rack.

    Here are some 3116 posts from my blog (includes a fuel schematic)

    Repost if you still have a problem 🙂

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    thanks for the reply. the truck actually ran out of fuel all together as in the fuel tank ran dry i do have fuel at the front of the head i thought of putting an in-line electric lifet pump and just let it run for a while then remove the pump and splice lin back together i just didn’t know if you could get air traped in the injectors or not thanks..

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    John Whelan

    That will work for you, If the tank went bone dry it’ll take some urging to get er’ running again. 🙂

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