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    Hello all, i am a new member , i have a Bomag BW219-DH4 with 1.900 operation hours and i had a problem in low pressure system. The monitor shows some codes 5100,5136, 5140 according to bomag these errors have to do with Fuel low pressure sensor and the wire circuit.
    I changed the low pressure sensor and reset the machine. I started again and after 4 hours of operation work the same problem occured.
    Does anyone know anything to help me??

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    Jim Owen

    I find it interesting that you changed a sensor that was telling you that you had low pressure, but you give no indication that you actually checked the pressure to see if it was low.

    Do you have a supply pump failing; do you have a plugged filter; or possibly a pinched line?

    The first thing I always do when I have fuel problems is change the fuel filters. Eliminate the easiest things first.

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    I had a BC1172RB with a fuel sensor code. The problem with this machine was the connection its self. In this case BOMAG offered a field up date consting of moving the sensor to the fuel filter base and extending the wires from the harness to make connection. Before the up date I modifyed the sensor by souldering wires and attaching a Volvo connector in line. And the problem went away. This machine has a DEUTZ engine by the way. 2015 V8

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    Bill Aldred

    These codes are defined as follows;
    5100 – Collective warning, diagnose with Serdia 2010
    5140 – EMR “unknown fault”, diagnose with Serdia 2010
    5136 – Fuel low pressure sensor, Lack of fuel (tank empty, filter clogged, frost)
    Sensor defective
    Wire breakage in current path
    Current path has short circuit to ground

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    Hey I’ve got the same issues with my roller plus one extra. I’ve got the fuel issues covered but I do have a shut down problem. Driving around and all of a sudden the roller will stop dead and bring up a code 9400.
    If anyone can help that would be great cheers

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