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    Cat 931 Steering Problem !! Please help if you can , Thanks.
    Hey All ,
    Can use some ideas on how to proceed
    I just took delivery on a nice 931 with Backhoe attachment, My first Crawler Loader,
    I own a PC45r-8 also , I use it on my property,I am hopeing to use them Both to help build a new home in Ct,
    I have no problem working on the machines,I have plenty on mechanical skills,I just don’t know much about the workings on this machine,ie: adjustments,diagnosing the problem,
    The 931 has been well maintained Rebuilt motor, new brakes, undercarrige & Tracks that are 80% all done by Clevland Bros. Cat . 3640 Hrs total on the machine,
    There are a few issues ,
    1) Big issue is the Right side steering is not working,When I step on the right pedal the machine stops pulling both sides, the left side works normal, and the center pedal stops the machine great,
    Does anyone out there have some Ideas on what might be wrong or what steps I need to try to fix the steeringon the right side,
    I have all the floor panels off in the cab which exposes the pedal valves,
    All suggestions will be Greatly appreciated ,
    2) is a leaking seal on the Backhoe Boom Cylinder,

    Thanks in advance ,
    Hope someone has some Ideas how to proceed,

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    Mate id just start small draining a little oil out of the RH final drive/hydrostatic motor and checking magnets if it has them. ALways a chance when it has been rebuilt something has gone wrong.Also since you have the floor plate out check the linkages themselves making sure they are not flopping around. Could also start the machine and poke your head down in the hell hole while you operate it listening for any unusual noises/comparing the sides.

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