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    I have not diagnosed anything yet but the pump makes a wicked sound when holding function overrelief, Im thinking sticking relief????? I just wanted to pick some minds and get some ideas. I have not even pulled out filters yet to inspect and verify that the pump is not coming apart.

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    Might have a suction line problem,or something even simpler like low oil.

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    Does noise happen in lift only or tilt also, relief valves are over the top of front axle, PLEASE support lift arms very substantially before doing anything to control valve, checking for loose suction lines is a good idea, filters in tank are return at end of hyd cycle, if you suspect pump pull large hose near center of machine and check for metal in hose, pressure for 980 g should be around 3,025 psi at high idle

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    Ron Mellor

    A relief should only be active during an over pressure problem to protect the system. I’m not a Cat man but the pressure should be regulated with a pressure reducer set below pump system relief. I would suspect the pump POR is faulty or some one’s been in there with a wrench and allen Key and set the POR above the relief setting.

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    noise was was present with all functions

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    Check cycle times, loader, bucket are they slow.

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    Corrosion in the pump??? Don’t write about stuff you know nothing about…stick with what you know Peter, SALES.
    Any time a function goes over relief it’s noisy, it’s possible there’s nothing wrong with your machine.

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    check your filter !! its dirty already !! and it damage the pump !! pump suction is starving !!

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