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    d6t when u turn on stitch it blows fuse 14 it is the yellow wire number 308 that come off the switch
    . i do not where 308 wire goes

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    I’m working with a caterpillar dozer d6k xl. So while I was working, I parked it with the engine still running. After I tried to unpark and move it,ir didn’t remove the park sign. Please guys,what do I need to check.

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    Mark Wright

    Hello everyone,

    I own a 1950’s D6 9U Dozer and would like to inspect clean / change my fuel injector nozzles,
    However I have looked through all the manuals I have and can not find a part number or size for the special fine splined / tooth socket that I need to loosen the nut, It is hard to count how many splines are on them

    I was hoping someone would be able to provide me some help on what socket I need to purchase.

    thank you


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    We have just replaced TC on D6R. Tempreture keeps on rising when under load. Any suggestions where to start faultfinding.

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    Sonny Cabillan Perez

    Hello good day.can i ask a question?this caterpillar d6T if syart and no work good speed and the RPM.but if this dozer working in site the power is down to 1200RPM.what problem of this?
    Thank you

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    Mechanics Hub

    Hello Sonny, thank you for your inquiry. I am having a little trouble understanding your question, would you be able to rephrase it and send it in again?

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