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    Hello everyone. Has anyone ever replaced the brake seals on a 988F.
    Customer wants me to do a rear axle because its over filling and I have never done a Cat loader. Wondering if there is anything special needed. Or is more diffulcate than any other brand. Thanks

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    Ron Mellor

    I think Bushmechanic or one of the other wheeled equipment guys might correct me but I believe you’ll have to replace the steel face seal (cat seal)between the brake and the planetary. I have only had to to this a few times in my career but the trick is to lubricate the seal faces ever so lightly during installation and keep your oily fingers off the mating surfaces. I’ve been told it leads to corrosion of the highly matched and lapped face sealing surface.

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    I have done the brake seals on a 970F about four years ago.I can’t remember having any special tools for that job.I don’t believe there is any difference between the Cat,John Deere,Dresser etc for wet brake systems.What I find good is to make a T plate out of heavy flat bar in order to evenly push the brake piston into place,this eliminates any accidental cutting of the o-ring when assembling,and well lubricate.I’m not sure but the seals Ronm is thinking about are the wheel end seals and maybe I’m wrong about the Cat axle.I know that our Cat dealership has a guy on staff that will answer any technicial questions to a point,maybe this could be an option after all it’s only a phone call. 😉

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    Ron Mellor

    Bushmechanic, you are correct. I was thinking of the steel face seal between the brake and the planetary. Rely has nothing to do with the brakes. My error heavy tech.

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    cool thanks guys. i appreciate the help. we misunderstood and thought that the quote cat give was alot higher than ours and we got worried that there was something we missed. i think what happened is the customer got confused.

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    never done a 988 but a 970 you neen a sping compresor i made my own that threads in from the back side to so as you can dissasemble the disks and plates

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    Its not a bad job at all, use light oil on the face seals, on the polished part, o rings always stay dry or they will leak. Just make sure inner seal is square and throw it together, and tighten the spindle nut pretty tight and you will have no problems. I do them on our taylors all the time and not a bad job at all just heavy work.

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    I have an issue I can not get to the bottom of.

    I have a Cat 966G wheel loader, serial no AAH00320.

    I Had overheating issues in the Tranny, after a lot of diagnosis I have pulled the tranny out and have completed work on it:

    * Replaced 1 and 2 gear clutch packs dew to heat discoloration.
    * Re seald all clutch pistons
    * New seals right through.
    *Replaced stators and impeller and bearings in torque converter, (old one was worn)
    * Replaced Tranny Pump, Tranny cooler, Inlet and out let relief valves for torque converter.

    And have put it back together, I have now completed oil pressure test and have come up with the following results.

    Spec Actual
    * Tranny lube pressure: 15 PSI Min 20 PSI
    * Torque converter outlet: 60 +- 20 PSI 80 PSI
    * Tranny oil pump Pressure: 420 +-10 PSI 420 PSI
    * Torque Converter Inlet : 80 PSI 45 PSI

    As you can see every thing is alright bar the inlet pressure. Can you give me some insight in to were to go from here?

    Kind Regards,


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