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    Hey All.
    I purchased a 1995 Daewoo SL130 as a hobby machine. It all works well and Iv been doing all the serices before I run it. Oil change, fuel filters, hyd filters, fixed some leaky lines. I fixed the radiator, got it back in and the thing is running sweet.
    However, it wont spin more than 90 degrees.

    When I first saw the machine on site it did spin, we tested every funtion on the machine. Then when we went to pick he machine up we noticed that it would spin all the way around to the right but not more than a couple feet to the left. It was much colder that day and the days leading up to it. Just before the cold weather was a spell of hard rain….

    So 3 weeks later, after the machine is home, all serviced and reay to go, still its been very cold these 3 weeks, never getting even close to the 0 degree mark. The machine still will not spin, now it freely moves left and right but only abou 90 degrees back and fourth.

    I called the original owner and he did say that a few times over the years he had to get large heaters and tarp the machine to thaw it out.

    My question is, whats froze, how do I fix the problem of water getting in somewhere it shouldn’t be.


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    So after the weather decided to cooperate and get almost up to the freezing mark, we decided to start looking at this issue some more. There is an inspection cover up front under the boom that allows access to the compartment of the ring gear for the spin function. This compartment was full of water and frozen solid. Then we dropped the belly pan to find another access cover to the bottom of the same cavity. We tarped the tracks in and got a small propane heater in there and in the top access hole I stuck in a heat gun. The water literally poured for hours out of the machine. All day.
    Then when I tested it, it worked perfectly. It goes around 360 degrees no problem.

    So this means that the spin motor bearing seal must be degraded and broken. Correct????

    Is it possible to fix this in a Daewoo simply be pulling the spin motor or do I have to split the machine off the tracks and access the ring gear itself. That looks like a dangerous job.

    For now, Im going to run it and keep checking the top access port to see how quickly it is filling up with water. I suspect the case is worst case though given the amount of water and ice in there when I opened it for the first time.


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