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    Just lookin for a new direction! Ive got a Genie lift with a Ford gas engine. Starts and shortly stops. Codes keep changing, changed fuel pump/filter, went through grounds da da da. Wondering, has anyone had a problem with these lifts or something similar? Any suggestions appreciated. I dont normally deal with these !

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    Ron Mellor

    More info:
    after starting from consul does it die as soon as you switch to remote?
    How old, carberated or FI. external coil, Duel fuel ect?
    hydraulic oil level up?
    how long does it run before stalling?
    if it does drive a short distance does it stall sooner than just idling?

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    Dies before switching. Fuel injected , external coil, hyd oil full. It fires up an dies within seconds, 2010 model. Its a z45/25. DRG423 engine. Codes 262 main code for “low fuel pressure voltage” Thanks for any suggestions ! Much appreciate!

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    worked on one that was like that, needed updated ecm and wiring.

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    I was leaning towards a new harness but hesitating, Once I get back at her I’ll keep ya posted!

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    Ron Mellor

    before popping for a new harness, check the resistance in the harness from the ECM to the fuel pressure transducer. Also, check the transducer for resistance and ground.

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    RonM. You are the man !
    Finally got back to the machine and sure enough. I was loosing the ground when cranking which threw me off (PWM), and found abnormal values at the Gasoline Sender Interface AKA transducer. This unit was down for quite a while and now back in action,
    Thanks !

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    Alireza Moghadam

    Any suggestion for buying new articulating boom lift?

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    i have a Z45-25 Genie lift, i just had to change the front Torque Hub on it. but days later i noticed a leak and removed the hub again to notice the face cracked(top). can someone help to know why/how this happened

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    B West


    Im working on a Genie boom lift. the valve bank was overhauled and now on startup, the machine is in reverse and after 2 or so seconds, the engine pulls dead.
    i have not done much on the electrical system yet, has anyone had this issue yet?
    im sure something is just not connected correctly, but i have no idea what coil is for what in the valve bank.

    any assistance will be appreciated.


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    Scott Phillips/RK Wallace Construction

    Need help with a Genie S-65.. Keeps throwing circuit breaker on ground control door (red 20 and red 24 wires for for engine harness.. Please help.. Thanks in advance

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