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    Hello everyone,
    Have a question regarding changing a head gasket on a C15 Acert (MXS). I am just wondering what is the average time spent on replacing a gasket, as in shop hours, on average?

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    It really depends on why you are pulling the cylinder head off. It is a 25-30 hour job to repair an oil leak, or a 40-50 hour job to repair a head gasket failure properly. Is the engine pushing coolant?

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    Hi Jason,
    Thanks a lot for the info! Yeah the rad was pressuring up to around 15psi + at 1500 rpm, very quickly. After removing the head you could see the carbon trail at #5 cylinder past the gasket.
    Thanks again for the response!

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    If i charge you 100, an hour would that be good for you. now take it some place else and they might charge you 200 an hour and it say in there blue book for that job it will take 6 hours then thats 1,200 bucks for you or your out of.

    If you have any body that can help you or your good with tools get your self a auto manuel for that truck and do it yourself or have your friend help you its not that hard just make sure when you remove things that you know exactly where the go back even if you have to draw a diagram for them or picture ok then all it will cost you is the cost of the head gasket no more any man that has some tools and knows how to use them can do this, just make sure you put every thing back where they were ,oh and when removing bolts from heads and manifolds there is a removal and instillation procedure that has to be followed to the tee ok good luck,i used to tear all my eng.

    Down and have them repaired at a machine shop like avle jod or boring cyl. or reparing a crank, then all id have them do is install my cam and id o the rest as it cost me less than 5 hundrend or so for a bran new motor with even more power because i had them bore out the eng. cyl.



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    The head gasket failed for a reason. Find out why? A lot of failures on these turn into in- frames in a hurry. Like has already been said, you can easily replace just the head gasket in 30 hrs. Often more work is needed and hours are added accordingly. If you replace a head gasket in one of these without at least checking liner protrusion your asking for troubles.

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    Richard Tessier

    Hi…just got a new head put on …then took a load to nc hills n the fan would nt kick on properly so engine temp climbed to 225f…n now coolant is pushed out of reservoir…can it be just the gasket or have to get the whole job done over again ? Thx

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    Richard, what mode truck is the engine in? is the fan hub kicked in by air pressure? with its clutch. If the installation went correctly and the radiator is not pressurizing quick like you said before then maybe its just a case of the fan not kicking in correctly. You would of removed the fan to remove the cylinder head? is the fan on the correct way. The high temps obviously will push coolant out the overflow. these engines should run around 96C with the regulators opening up around 84-88. I would say you have already solved this problem and the fault is gone. what was the cause?

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    I was wondering how many hours it should take to replace a head gasket on a 2003 Chevy Venture

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    Apryl Johnson

    How long to change an International Prostar Maxxforce head gasket ?

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