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    hi guys,i have a new job in png and employer has a hyundai 760/3 frontend loader that the transmission behaves like it is slipping and can only be used at low in nz currently so thats all the info i these have fluid flywheel,which makes you wonder about adequate fluid level?..also do these use bands or clutch packs to engage drive,possibly also out of adjustment?..
    any help here would be great possiby other models/types use simular basic drive system,so dont assume just because your not familiar with this model you cant answer!!

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    Hi Duane, My experience is with Cat equipment, not hyundai, but I would expect the systems to be similiar. Your transmission will likely have wet clutch packs in it, but not bands. There will be a torque converter fluid coupling. If your cluch packs are slipping there will be excessive heat generated so check your transmission fluid temp. Also, if you suspect that slipping is occuring, find your magnetic screen on the transmission and check the screen for plastic-like clutch debris. Screen is usually located behind a small cover plate on the transmission housing. If you can find a clutch engagement chart, determine what speed ranges you have lost and find the clutch that is commom to those lost gear ranges. There might be solenoids controlling the clutches. If so, you can check that the solenoids are being electrically energized. Also, there should be pressure taps or ports for installing pressure guages somewhere on the transmission so you can check your speed and direction clutches for proper pressure. As far as I know, adjustment of the clutch packs is acheived with electronic calibration with a computer. Some of the old loaders might require you to connect a pressure guage and manually adjust the current to the solenoid using the on-board monitoring system.

    I recommend that you check you screen, maybe cut open your transmission filter or drain and inspect your transmission oil, and check your transmission temp when problem occurs.

    Where is PNG? Are you In New Zealand? How did you find that job? I’ve often thought it would be a neat experience to work abroad.

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    hey guy thanks for your help,much appreciated and when i get there ill be applying your e,mail is [email protected] flick me a message and ill let you know about work
    where are you from?

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    png is papau new guinea just above australia adjacent to indonesia

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    Joe Jitzu

    Cut filter open and look at it. Oil smell? Here me working on one

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    HL 760-3 operator

    Hi Duane,

    Did you ever figure out the issue?
    I have a similar 760-3 with the same problem
    Looking for any advice you can offer to move forward

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    High temperature Trans converter

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    Steve van der Merwe

    Hi all
    I experiencing transmission problems with our Hyundai HL-740 – 7 Front end loader.
    From selecting gears to not selecting gears. sometime only 4th forward and then no reverse and after begging her to start moving again she will go into reverse the the next moment no gears at all..I do not have any workshop manual for this loader. i had a look at the wiring at the steering column and could see nothing loose. seems like a electrical issue to me – but where. i saw 6x solenoids – 4 on top and two at the bottom which i believe will be for forward and reverse and the top ones would be for 1st to 4th gear…any advice maybe?

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