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    I need some help here. Has anybody run into excessive blowby on a 06 cummins ISX, but it only happens some times. The engine runs strong and has good power. Installed a new egr cooler 2 months ago. The truck will do fine for about 7000 mi the have a day or 2 of the blowby issue. Any thoughts or comments would be helpful.

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    i think this year model has the crankcase filter on the front left side of the engine, they stop up and cause high blow-by. that would be my first check.

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    Thanks for the advise, I did change the blowby filter and no change. We ended up finding 3 top rings that were broken. I have never seen a engine with broken rings act this way.

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    Cool. Did she blow the dipstick outta her?
    Ive heard of this happening to CAT engines with either the dipstick or oil cap blowing off…Never to be found lol

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    For everyone who want all details about this engine, I recommend you the repair manual because there you will find anything you want to fix it!
    You can download it from here:
    Will help you a lot !
    Best regards

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    Thank you very much albertwhitez for sharing this! That is the software for Cummins and is perfect for DIY procedures! Bless you

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    Mike Bridge

    Hey guys I’m looking for some help on an 06 isx it’s eating about a gallon Of oil every 1,500miles and I also noticed some oil drops exhaust side of the turbo. I do run it hard 650 miles daily with a 35 ton load. I wanna know if that’s too much oil consumption

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    Mike Bridge

    Hey Larry which rings were broken?

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