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    If anyone has experience switching the controls on a Kobelco sk210 excavator, I’d really appreciate some help. The stick controls are on the right, and boom on the left, and I want to reverse that so this machine matches my others.


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    Hello mgirard you can switch the controls really easy on the 210 Kobelco.I think there is a manifold either right behind the operators cab or where the radiator is located.When you look at it there is a lever with a round ball end on it and a wingnut that locks it in place,just undo the locknut and move the lever to the other position and install the locknut again-tada controls changed.

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    Jnohn Hollis,

    Greetings where is the joystick pattern control switch on the Kobelco 15 Ton Excavator???
    Thanks in advance for responding.

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    Jerry Davis

    Where are the throttle cab controls on a 2004 kobelco model 210 excavator? I am thanking you in advance for your usual kindness.

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    Frank psaila

    Hi, I just purchased a kobelco 235, its currently on John Deere control pattern, does anyone know how to change it to cat control pattern?

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    Garry Beckett

    Any idea how to get the heater motor out from under the seat of an Sk135 sric-1e

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