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    Hi there everyone! I work on an organic dairy farm, so my daily repairs change drastically, but hopefully you guys can help. We have a Komatsu front end loader on the farm. It runs great at times, and other times runs very poorly. When it runs poorly its almost like air is getting into the fuel system or something. I started by spraying a lil starter fluid around all the fuel points, that way if it was sucking air I could hear it smooth out. No such luck. Fuel filters were of course all changed at this point ( hey lets try it!)…and no luck. So as it was running I broke free some of the injector lines at the pump. The first line (going from the front of the vehicle back) had no fuel squirt out of it at all! The second and third lines had a little bit of fuel squirting when I broke them loose. The 4,5,6th lines barely were broken loose before squirting like crazy. I am thinking maybe it needs an injector pump? any suggestions?

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    xiaobo li

    the pump need to adjust,it is cheaper than change the pump

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    Goryachkin Pavel

    It seems like several plungers in your fuel injection pump have died. If weak squirting from some lines you may measure high injection pressure. It should be about 60-70 Mpa.

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