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    That’s not good! At least you have some warranty.

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    Dan Begley

    I need a truck. Boy, do I need a truck. I’m looking at a 2013 Int’l 4300 with the MaxxForce DT with the filter you apparently need to do a “regen” on occasionally, but I’ve been warned off by some while another guy says they’re fine. I need the truth. Will the emissions system give me huge expensive headaches?

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    JJ Pascente

    2012 international with max force 15 engine loosing oil no leaks and no smoke ???????

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    JJ Pascente

    I have a 2012 International Max Force 15 engine keeps using oil cant find any leaks running good no smoke no fuel in oil ???????

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    Fred H

    I have a issue with a maxxforce 13 when truck gets hot it decelerate it pulls fine in all gear until last gear about 67mph you can hear the signal dye out and then it has no power until I dump clutch and start then power comes back for a while also my foot pedal seems not to be producing enough current EVERYTHING is bypassed. IM LEAN ON THE ICP SENSOR OR WOULD YOU SAY IT MAY BE INJECTORS ALSO I NEED A SHOP AROUND ATL THAT WORKS ON MAXXFORCE ANY SUGGESTION I WONT PULL BACK TO RUSH THEY SCREWED MY TRUCK IN THE 1ST PLACE.

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    I’m considering buying a 2014 International 4300 with Maxxforce DT. It has 98,000 miles and 4500 engine hours. International has said that all of the maintenance has been done as recommended and there’s only been one minor warranty repair done. Is this one of the engines that I should avoid?

    When I spoke to International, the service manager told me that the Maxxforce DT wasn’t a problem like the Maxxforce 7. Is this true? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Did you buy this truck? Was it a problem?

    I’m considering buying a 2014 with Maxxforce DT and have the same concerns as you.


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    Ron E Perkins

    Where can I send the oil to be tested for coolant?

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    Do the 2015 international with the N13 have the same problems as the previous (2008-2013) have?

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    I have a 2011 maxxforce DT and am replacing the EGR cooler now cylinder 3&4 have no power when I do a balance test no change in RPM. Now I don’t know if the head gaskets blown and cause the EGR to blow or if it’s just bad injectors any help would be appreciated

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    Michael Albano sr

    I have a maxforce 13 my problem is this just had fuel filter change and still no power what can it be

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    Michael Albano sr

    Just had two fuel filters and still have no horse power why?

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    John Whelan

    Navistar have stopped making the MaxxForce although parts are still available. They did give up on these engines and did not make any improvements so what you see is what you get and you will pay dearly for repairs. Take it from me!

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    John Whelan

    If you Google MaxxForce class action law suits you will find a lot of that going on. A lot of fleets had major break down problems including owner operators to a point where down time crippled their operation. It has turned in to a dark time for Navistar and their MaxxForce design.

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    John Whelan

    I haven’t heard of any upgrades in 2013. This was the last year of production and nothing had changed in engineering and design.

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