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    John Whelan

    Yes you will have nothing but trouble with these engines. The first few posts on this topic I go in to detail on what our fleet went through.

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    John Whelan

    If you are using your engine brake during deceleration it needs high pressure oil to run along with your injectors so the demand from the high pressure oil pump is high. Are there any codes? A faulty high pressure oil sensor or low injector control pressure will cause a problem. If you can get someone with ServiceMax Pro software they could connect to your engine and go for a ride with you and monitor the injector control pressure when the engine cuts out and check for codes.

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    John Whelan

    How much oil are you using? It could accumulate in the DPF but it would plug up quickly and most likely produce an engine code. Have you done a parked regen lately? That would show some smoke for sure since temperatures get up to around 1000 degrees.

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    John Whelan

    If you have a Cummins or Caterpillar dealer they may be able to test your oil. Unless there’s a private company in your area that does it? I send my samples out of town because Castrol who supplies our bulk oil pays for it.

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    John Whelan

    If you refer to my first post here you will see that there are definitely issues with the MaxxForce. What kind of work did this truck do? It does not have a lot of mileage but I would talk to the previous owners and get there opinion. Parts are expensive and the components need to be cleaned like sensors, EGR valve, turbochargers (there’s a kit available), DPF. We’re running school buses 4 hours a day 9 months a year and we’ve rebuilt close to half of our 18 MaxxForce engines. Don’t buy this truck and look for a good used Cummins ISB with an Allison auto trans.

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    John Whelan

    Navistar eventually went to SCR when they could not meet emissions with the EGR system of old. Too late…I would walk away from any diesel that has a MaxxForce emblem on it. Go with Cummins their SCR system is much more superior than anybody else.

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    John Whelan

    Have you done a compression test? Any blow by? A bad injector would give you an engine code.

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    John Whelan

    Do you know of a good truck shop that has the MaxxForce engine software? I would recommend finding someone to hook up the lap top and analyze your fuel pressure and injector control pressure. Leaks in the high pressure system are common or a faulty high pressure oil sensor will cause power loss. But usually a bad sensor will trigger an engine code.

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    darrel brown

    will not start fuel filters ok it is a 2010 maxxforce 13

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    I’m suspecting we as owner operators have been the victims of dealers that realized the companies that leased their equipment were willing to take their chances in court by breaking their contracts because of the failure of the engines, so in a last attempt to gain some value out of the trucks, they sols them off on to the public, knowing about all the trouble that was to come, BAD BUSINESS!

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