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    Well not new mechanic. I wanna get into heavy duty. Havnt found much luck here in ontario. Got my SIN still have ny drivers license dual citizenship. Graduated UTI for automotive in the states. Completed Ford s program. Got 8 years work experiance for auto. Only experiance with heavy duty is replacing transmissions. Man where do i start do i have to do 5 years for a license? Reading about apprenticeships sent out resumes. With my education and work experiance can i take a test to fast track? Eg red seal? I do have a lead for helping in a quarry but dont think thier mechanic is licensed to take me on for apprentice. Any suggestions?

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    Hi John,
    Have you ever thought about moving west to Manitoba? I am a field service technician with for a multi store ag and construction dealership. We hired quite a few automotive techs in our dealerships with great success. We have 13 dealerships trough out Manitoba and one in Saskatchewan.My company offers good pay and benefits and a good atmosphere at work. If you are interested I can tell you more about it and get you in touch with our HR department.
    PS: If you spend enough years in the trade (I think five years) you can challenge the red seal test.

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    Im pretty much now set up in ontario house wise. Ive been looking at the ontario red seal site i should contact them. If i gotta do 5 years id rather take up the heavy duty seems to be more jobs posting for 2nd year apprentice and up. Called a office and the guy says i have to find a willing employer to train. I applied to a few online postings so far. And might take a walk in approach to a few garages next.

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