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    Good morning everyone!

    My name is Paulo and I am from Brazil.

    Actually I am looking for to move out to Canada, so I am interested to know what kind of certifications do I need, to work in the area.

    I am a Reefer Tech/Mech here in Brazil, with 8 years background with the most knowed branchs (Carrier,Thermo King, Daikin and Starcool).

    Also, a Mech/Tech in diesel Gen Sets (Carrier and Thermo King) Kubota and Yanmar engines.

    Both of them, I got the certificated.

    I don´t have a citizenship in Canada, but I am looking for a sponsorship.

    What is the first steps to validate my courses?

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    Goryachkin Pavel

    Hi Paulo,

    You have to apply for permanent resident status through immigration program, once you’re eligible and proof your experience you will get visa and can be able to land in Canada.
    Consider to achieve journeyman status or Red Seal resignation in your field.
    Good luck.

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    HI Paulo…another option is to just apply directly to companies who are looking for your skillet. It’s easy to do that with the internet today! Once a company gets frustrated and desperate, they will be forced to look outside of Canada for help. To do this, a perspective employer must do a MLA (market labor assessment) to prove that they have tried and failed to find qualified candidates in this country. Most private companies dread dealing with the government bureaucracy and go this route only when necessary. However I assure you that his is your fastest way into Canada. Once here, you can then apply to upgrade your status from temporary work status to landed immigrant and then on to citizenship if that is your goal. Just make sure to include a cover letter explaining why your worth a companies time and how your employment will help the company. Good Reefer techs are hard to find.

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