not new to the trade,just a few questions for our neighbors up north

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    jeff white

    how hard is it to get certified in canada to work on trucks,trailers and refrigeration units?seen a lot of jobs up north,thinking about relocating north with family. seen a few decent jobs listed here,just wondering how hard is it to get all the certifications needed to do my job as im doing now there?

    thank you

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    Ron Mellor

    Jeff, unfortunately you will need a HD journeymans ticket or become an apprentice. Unless the rules have changed you have to be one or the other to work as a n HD. Depending on your experience and training the board might let you write the journeymans ticket or may give you cretdit based on your experience. And on top of that there is the immigration issue to deal with.

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    xiaobo li

    you can challenge the red seal exam if you have enough experience . have more informations. and i feel that the exam is harder than the Chinese certification(i am a chinese ,and the chinese be good at pass exam,hehe ),the hd equipment mechanic’s booklist (form Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Department of Advanced Education and Skills Apprenticeship and Trades Certification Division):
    Modern Diesel Technology (MDT): Electricity and Electronics 
    MDT: Diesel Engines  
    MDT: Brakes, Steering and Suspension Systems 
    MDT: Electronic Diesel Engine Diagnosis  
    MDT: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration 
    MDT: Heavy Equipment Systems    
    Diesel Mechanics, 4th edition  
    Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Engines, Fuel & Computerized
    Management Systems, 3rd edition
    Canadian Truck and Transport Technician: Inter-provincial
    Certificate of Qualification Test Preparation

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    John Whelan

    I didn’t realize Canada had such tight requirements for getting into trades.

    Hats off to you guys who make it in.

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    Ron Mellor

    John, it’s not really that hard as long as you have a ticket from a country that has a formal apprentice system. Sort of a reciprocal e thing.
    Counties with a formal aprentership system similer to Canada’s will accept my ticket. Eventually they will ask me to write that countries journeymans exam but it will be recognized. I know a lot of mechanics who originally had a Euorpean , Australian, even S Africa ticket. Who are now allowed to work as a mechanic in Canada. Unfortunately USA’s AES(?) or Xiaobo Li’s chinese qualifications are not recognized because of a lack of formal apprenticeship system. If My info is wrong or out of date some I hope will correct me.

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    Ron Mellor

    ‘ reciprocating thing.’

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