Releasing from military, looking for work as heavy duty technician

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    Hi guys, I’m releasing from the Canadian Forces in two months and am currently looking for a job as a heavy duty technician. I would like to do field work as that was my thing in the military. I’m getting a little nervous as i have not yet found a job. been applying much but those that i get a call back from will turn me down because i am only available for employment in two months.
    aside from the job search , any advice for field work in northern alberta ? what are your thoughts on kitting my personal truck with tools ?


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    John Whelan

    Hello Jean
    Welcome to the forum. Have you checked the job board here? I would keep applying and following up with the employers you have applied with so far. They usually hold on to a resume for several months. What type of equipment did you work on in the forces?

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    Hey John, yes i’ve been checking the job board on here. Am also checking back with previous employers i’ve applied with . I guess I’m just getting nervous as my release date is getting closer, its a big career change I’m doing so all normal i guess.
    I’ve worked mainly on battle tanks and engineering equipment. Im looking forward to working on new technology now lol

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    Hey Jean
    We spent a couple years in Ft Mac and what I can tell you is at that time, guys were just showing up and finding work and accommodations without too much trouble. Since then, things have changed somewhat. Camp/room & board situations are hard to find, and it would be recommended to get a solid job offer with camp included! The extra money one could make up there will get sucked up just trying to exist.
    So we did shop and field work there, and again, I wouldn’t drop a whole lot on rigging up your pickup just yet. A lot of bigger companies want field contractors, but will only pay for a proper service truck, crane and all. A friend bought a well used mechanic’s truck once and he had a sweetheart of a deal; 80% of his time was spent in the shop, but his truck and tools were parked outside still making $110/hr or whatever the going rate was then.
    I recall back then, a licensed person with the truck and tools at the ready was getting a flat rate of $1200/day.
    M&M’s website is THE best link you’re gonna find to Northern Alberta, but it’s not the only one! Good Luck!

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    John Whelan

    Mrbigwrench is right Fort Mac has cooled a bit with accommodation availability. One of the guys in my shop had a job lined up with Suncor for $50.00 hr but the camp accommodation was only for 3 months then he would have to find his own arrangements in town. I’m glad he changed his mind he’s a good tech and they’re hard to find. Lost one already to a mine offering major $$. Don’t give up Jean there are jobs out there you will definitely have to relocate.

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