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    Ive been a heavy equipment mechanic for 5 years and have been considering going out on my own and getting my own truck, but I don’t know where to start. I would appreciate any advice and information from those who have done it or have information on where and how to start.

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    I have been a heavy duty tech for 17 years now. I am working on construction and ag equipment. I thought about starting my own business as well. I currently work as a resident field service tech for a dealership.
    In my opinion it would be difficult to keep up with new technology if you run your own business. I enjoy working on new equipment with the newest technologies and I receive some factory training a couple of times a year. How do you troubleshoot the new emission control systems or check error codes on a machine if you don’t have the factory supplied software and hardware? Unlike the automotive industry, the heavy duty industry does not supply this technology to the public. If you enjoy doing more of the gruntwork like undercarriage work or resealing hydraulic cylinders, then there might be work out there. I think it depends where you live. I find that the bigger construction and oilfield companies in my area all keep service techs on staff that do that kind of work. They only call for help if it is something they cant handle.
    Like I said, this is an interesting topic and I will keep following it to see what other guys have to say.
    Good luck with your decision


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    Having started a few companies, the most important thing is to prospect and make offers every single day. Typically the hardest part of running your business isn’t actually doing the work you know how to do well, it’s sales and marketing.

    Get a website, start running ads to get eyeballs to it. Do the work you know how to do so well. Ask for referrals! Reinvest, rinse, and repeat.

    Just my 2 cents. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

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    Francisco Loza

    Hi my name is Francisco loza I have been a diesel mechanic for 12 years I got my own truck and I would like to start my own service call business… thanks in advance

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    Jason McMaster

    I just started my own mobile repair company and it’s not too hard, it all depends on how hard you want to work. Start with a business plan and license, register with canada revenue or IRS for taxes and get a truck. If you have a good name and reputation the word of mouth is great, but you will need atleast a card to hand out. You will also have many sleepless nights and sitting at a truck stop is good advertising. Shy of that I don’t know what to say, just go for it. Just a note , dont worry about the new technology stuff, internal combustion engines haven’t changed too much in the last hundred years, we just bolt more crap on them now.

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