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    John Whelan

    Our heaters just keep the coolant luke warm enough to accelerate engine warm up. Interesting about the upgrades to a higher BTU. something to consider.

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    Definitly would spec the Scholastic series 45,00BTU. I believe Proheat offers equal version

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    I have a 2009 C2 Safe T Liner that Has a water intrusion problem dripping under the dash by drivers feet. I already have sealed all the lights with rubberized caulk. It has already ruined the radio ( replaced ) and now have an issue with no power to lower center dash panel Student lights and master switch cluster. Any solutions ?

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    I drive a Thomas 2005 With the Cat EFCj 7210 The check engine light comes on most of the time on route, and top speed is 45 mostly can get more with a tail wind and down hill. If the light stays out it runs great, but that only happens periodically. What is the diagnosis, can’t seem to read it with a scan tool and the ECM switch is of no help. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    We have a couple of mini busses. G.M.C. savannas 3500 with dual heat. replaced heater cores twice. Blew out all lines still heat is poor. We’ve noticed that the heat starts out good but while driving it goes to barly warm. we have to blow out the heater core because it seems to be clogged up the water pressure doesn’t go through at first but when we reverse direction it frees up and now we can flush it in both directions but you never see any debris coming out of the core. it’s an aftermarket core we may try a factory core do you folks have any input /experience with this kind of problem Thanks Steve

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    Hey so got a problem on an 04 Thomas bus
    The defroster is not working at all it gets
    Power when we use a power probe at the fuse
    And think it might be a bad board but aren’t sure any suggestions

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    Thomas 2002 flat nosed bus with a 3126 cat, ran and started perfectly we changed out the alternator because it seized and inadvertantly crossed the positive and negative connections, now no ignition power at all any help would be appreciated, shout out to any Thomas expert with ideas…thanks, Mike

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    william turcotte

    Hey guys just wondering if you could help me out a bit I’ve found a 1999 36 passenger thomas school but the people didnt put an engine make on the ad I’m just getting started in the school bus world and am looking for any tips of thing that I should look at when going to check this thing out! I will be using it as a hunting/rv sort of rig and anything that I can watch out for would be much h appreciated know you guys are experts! Also if any of you have an idea of engine make I would love to know so I could read into myself! Cheers!

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    walt songer

    I have a 2014 thomas c2 cluster inop no turn signals

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