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    good day everyone. I have a chinese sems ZL30E-II wheel loader that is having some transmission problems. for sometime now about 2 months, the transmission oil is always getting burnt and prevents the equipment from moving until the oil is changed. And this occurs in every two weeks or less. this has led to increaesd use of transmission oil. I have changed the transmission filter still it persist. Can i be helped with possible causes to this problem? thank you. – See more at:

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    xiaobo li

    hi Daniel,”getting burnt” means the oil too hot or deteriorated ? what is the type of the oil ? Power Transmission Fluids?

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    i have not encountered chinese type of wheel loader though but i have work on caterpillar like 950F and IT 18B.

    well it also depends if your unit is new or old, i mean how many working hours,
    if all gear shift are working, and the presence of excessive i mean very excessive overheating, it could be the transmission (gear pump),
    the( torque converter), or( the cooling system), but in most cases the pump is the one responsible for cooking your trans oil that fast due to internal slippage , causing ur trans oil viscosity to deteriorate, and flow from pump will drop and so pressure also will drop suddenly causing more overheating
    and then ur trans oil will be cooked and cooked and very cooked.

    but we should also consider the type of trans fluid you used, because maybe during the time u change the fluid did this occur or is it the usual oil u use
    on your loader.

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    I would like to tell you of a situation I had.
    A cat wheel loader came to the shop with a transmission heating problem. After numerous pressure tests, flow tests, temperature tests and trial runs along with oil cooler inspection/cleaning, no problem was found! Yet once the loader left the shop, it was back in a few hours with the transmission smoking!
    I decided to look at this situation from a different angle.
    What changed before or about the time this problem arose?
    I found the loader operator had been replaced with someone new . So, out to the yard I went to observe the new operator in action.
    Well, it didn’t take long to see the problem. I observed that the engine RPM was much slower than it should have been.
    I stopped the operator and asked him what gears he was using during operation? His reply, THE HIGHEST GEAR THE LOADER WOULD MOVE WITH!
    After a moment I asked him why would he run that way? He said that he could do more work and it’s best for the machine!
    My point is that sometimes you really need to get the whole picture before you can see/solve the problem.

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