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    My wife and I are looking to moving to Ontario and there a a lot of 310T positions. What is a 310T mechanic?


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    John Whelan

    I’ve never heard of a 310T certification before. It’s all over the web when you Google it.
    Not to be outdone I sent an email to a job poster to ask them about the term. Maybe Dave & the crew here can answer this quicker than me.:)

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    310T is a Truck and Coach mechanic. The same as a Truck mechanic in Alberta. Ontario has a much different trailer apprenticeship…

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    Ontario has a numbering classification for all of its trades.
    310T – Truck and Coach Technician
    310J – Trailer Technician
    421A – Heavy Equipment Technician
    310S – Automotive Technician
    240P – Parts
    310G – Motorcycle Technician
    425A – Agricultural Equipment Technician

    It is basically just a number that is on the license. In Ontario there used to be a Class A license which covered Truck and Auto but that has changed. When 310T first came out if you received over 70% on the test you got a Red Seal and if you got under 70% you had a provincial ticket. If you get your 310T now you have to get above 70% and it is automatically a Red Seal ticket. It is the same process as other provinces meaning that to obtain the ticket you must do a full apprenticeship before writing the test. If you have your Red Seal license as Truck and Coach Technician from any province then you are qualified for all 310T jobs, you would not need an Ontario specific license.

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    That is a great help. Thanks to everyone who replied.


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    Hi there I was argueing with a guy that with a 310 T I can work also on 310 S . Any opinions on that?

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    Hi Guys
    Im a fully qualified mechanic in the uk and have been for 12 years and my qualification covered many of the number classifications. If i moved to Ontario would i need to sit an exam to get a 310T licence or would my qualification cover me?

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    Hi I am a fully certified 310t truck and Coach technician. In Ontario right now a 310t endorsement allows one to work on 310t and 310j equipment. This means as a 310t truck and Coach technician you can legally work on and perform the government safety inspections on both trucks and trailers. (Tractors) Trucks referring to: highway trucks, dump trucks, buses etc.. and trailers referring to: a variety of non driving cargo cargo equipment. This is the only exception for a 310t technician to legally work on is trailers. Back in the day when you successfully acquired you 310t certificate, it came along with a 310s endorsement. Unfortunately things do not work like this anymore. I am a 310t technician that is applying to several government jonas for truck and Coach technician positions that require the applicant to not only have his/her 310t but also a 310s. And the only reason for this is because these city Jon’s have not updated their requirements since the ice age. Anyway I hope this clears up a few things for you guys. Cheers! And good luck!

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    And yes coming from the UK you will need to write the exam here. But that is it. If you achieve 70% and above you will have your red seal and the ability to work as a truck and coach technican anywhere in canada except for in Quebec (if I’m not mistaken…)

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    If I am currently in the United States can I obtain a 310T certification/stamp or will I have to be a Canadian resident? thank you.

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    Mechanics Hub

    Contact the College of Trades and they will be able to help you with questions related to getting certified.

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    Hi. My husband had his class A technician license in ontario with he red seal. He was working at a car dealership and didnt get the 410T when it split to 401S and T. How does he get the 410T back?

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    Mechanics Hub

    Hi Julie, If your husband hasnt already contacted the College of Trades, I suggest he do so to see about splitting his Class A license to the Truck & Coach 310T license. He will likely have to get registered and pay a fee. If he also wants to obtain the Automotive 310S license, there would be an additional fee. Hope this helps!

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    hi when you obtain the 310 certification how long does is it valid for?

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    Hi, As a 310T Truck and coach mechanic can i drive truck and coach without driving license.

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