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    Hi Ram,

    The 310T is a Truck & Coach Mechanic license and is NOT the same as a driver’s license. You will still need a valid Driver’s license (i.e. G, AZ, DZ, etc.) in order to be able to drive.

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    Mechanics Hub

    Hi Jason,

    When you obtain your license, there will be an expiration date on your card, at which point you have to renew (similar to a driver’s license). There is also a member’s fee you have to pay to the Ontario College in order to be in good standing.

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    Vinayak jadhav

    How I can get 310 t licence

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    As a 310T mechanic are license is only good to drive bus or trucks the we have fixed but can i take a bus or truck to a broken bus or truck on the side of the road that is not broken with out a bus or truck license

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    James Cull

    Can a 310T tech take a truck out for a road test after working on a truck ? To check brakes etc ?

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    Hi ram,
    As a 310T mechanic provided you have your license in that field you are able to drive any vehicle in the
    class of DZ, AZ among others with nothing but a class G license provided it is for the purpose of your job as a mechanic road tests etc

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    Question: As a 310s can you preform safety inspections on a cargo trailer for personal use. Like a snowmobiled trailer? Also what is the weight limit for a truck that a 310s can work in vs. A 310t?

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