Yellow Volvo FMX 520 10×4 dump truck.
© AB Volvo.

For nearly two decades, Volvo has been a powerful presence in India’s bus and truck industry. With 400 outlets across the country, they are a key player in providing heavy equipment to India’s coal industry as well as comprehensive training for more than 60,000 drivers of their trucks and busses. Volvo currently enjoys approximately 65 percent of India’s market share in the high-performance mining truck division.

At Excon 2015, India’s annual international construction equipment and technology trade fair, Volvo presented two new trucks to the construction industry. To date, they are currently the highest capacity dump trucks ever made. The FMX 520 10×4 dump truck features 33 percent more capacity, and the FMX 480 10×4 utilizes 28 percent higher capacity when compared to the 8×4 dump trucks currently available on the market. This gives Volvo the distinction of being the only manufacturer to offer a five-axle truck specifically suited to the mining industry. The trucks, which were designed specifically for India’s coal mining industry, are engineered to help increase production in order to keep up with the increasing demands put on the coal industry as India’s energy needs ramp up to meet its economic growth.

Volvo also highlighted it’s signature heavy equipment truck model, the FMX 440 8x4I shift model. Volvo’s leading truck features a customized coal hauling capacity truck bed and a 43 cubic yard body.

When asked about Volvo’s success in the heavy equipment division, Vinod Aggarwal, CEO, VE for Commercial Vehicles, states that Volvo believes in offering comprehensive services to their clients to help them become competitive in their respective fields, thereby improving productivity and increasing profits. To that end, Volvo offers its clients award-winning, onsite, customer specific aftermarket support. Their 130-point service has become India’s mining industry standard. Additionally, Volvo’s newly launched Financing Service helps clients meet their equipment needs. Finally, Volvo has made significant investments in India’s infrastructure and networks and has promoted the practice of privately owned and operated dealers.