Jim’s Equipment Repair on Big Fix Alaska

Jim’s Equipment Repair is a shop featured in an eight episode series, “Big Fix Alaska.” This crew can fix anything including electricity in an engine room after a fire on a boat and restoring power to Beaver, Alaska. The show is informative as well as entertaining. The repair shop is located in Anchorage where it has served the state since 1994. The large shop has well over 12,000 square feet of space and has items like Wilkie’s Heavy Equipment Repair as well as Alaska Diesel Rebuilders. They can provide customers with a large range of services.

This Big Fix Alaska repair shop includes machine shop facilities, diesel engine repair, and re-manufactured equipment and engines. The shop takes an old school approach to repair and has crew available 24 hours a day. The loyal customers have been with them since the beginning and they stay true to those customers by giving them what they need.

Jim Evridge owns Jim’s Equipment Repair and he is often known as “Doc Brown” because of his unusual fixing methods. His opinions comes across in the creative ways he fixes mechanical items on Big Fix Alaska. Sara Foss is the bookkeeper on the show, which means she tracks the incoming and outgoing money for the shop. She informs Jim about the shop finances while he works on the creative fixing jobs. Sara is engages to Duane Dennis, the general manager of the repair shop.

Duane Dennis has worked with this crew and heavy equipment for the past three years. Jim hired him to take the company to the next level and he has a no nonsense approach. He works as a more stereotypical general manager and handles incoming calls. He also makes sure the shop gets paid for services and he handles logistics of moving heavy equipment from various locations.

Austin Gillette is the field mechanic the shop often calls on when something dangerous arises and Todd Anderson is a master mechanic who often gives Jim the extra hand he needs. Aven Leidigh is a talented mechanic who used to be a field mechanic. The first episode of Big Fix Alaska features three large heavy equipment machines that put the mechanics to the ultimate test. Catch the show on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on the National Geographic Channel.