John Deere Power Systems (JDPS) has introduced a new engine to its lineup. The PowerTech PSL 13.5L prime power generator drive engine gives OEMs a wide range of fitting options for optimal power generator applications. The engine has dual frequency, easy paralleling, and low idle speeds that make it a high performer in today’s market.

“Our experience working with generator set manufacturers has helped us better understand the features and services necessary to meet today’s challenges.” said Darrin Treptow, manager, worldwide marketing for John Deere Power Systems.

The engine is the most powerful equipment that meets the U.S Environmental Protection Agency Final Tier 4 emissions regulations. This is without the need for diesel particulate filtration. John Deere’s prime and standby generator line meets strict emissions regulations without compromising on quality. The engine has an integrated Emissions Control system with cooling exhaust gas recirculation (CEGR), a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system, and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The technology meets all the requirements to be successful in today’s challenges and environments.

Production of the PowerTech PSL 13.5L will begin in early 2016 and will join current  PowerTech model offerings:

PowerTech PWL

69 kWm

80 kWm

99 kWm

PowerTech PVL

160 kWm

192 kWm

PowerTech PSL

273 kWm

326 kWm

345 kWm

PowerTech PSL

473 kWm

PowerTech PSL

128 kWm

PowerTech PSL

216 kWm

240 kWm


“Since the introduction of our constant speed generator drive engines without DPFs earlier this year, we have been working to implement this solution in our generator drive engine lineup,  With this addition we are able to offer our customers both the power ratings and performance they need for their power-gen applications.”