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Largest Truck: Titan

The biggest truck in the world! Titan 33-19. It can hold 2 buses and 2 pickups (or 2,000,000 golf balls) and is about the size of the largest of the dinosaurs, but the Titan was built to haul 350 tons of earth in mining operations. The Titan began to take shape on the drafting boards of General Motors London offices in 1968 and by 1974 the monstrous truck was finished and loaded onto 8 railway cars for display at the American Mining Convention in Las Vegas. The impressive off-road hauler was the talk of the convention and Kaiser Steel agreed to put the truck to work at the Eagle Mountain Mine in southern California. In 1978 Kaiser moved the Titan to its coal mining operation near Sparwood where the hauler joined a fleet of smaller trucks to move earth away from the coal seams in the open pit mine.” It also says that the Titan’s box, when elevated is 56 feet high — the height of a brontosaurus is 39 feet high