As technology evolves, new products and systems can be developed for all types of industries. Recently, Caterpillar announced they are releasing a new system that can be used with trucks and heavy equipment. This system will monitor drivers as they complete their work and at the end of the day, each driver will be scored based off of their driving ability and overall safety.

How Does This Technology Work?

Each vehicle is equipped with a small unit on the front windshield of their vehicle. On this unit there is one lens which faces towards the driver and another lens is facing outwards, towards the road. There are also accelerometers as part of the unit and data is constantly being taken throughout the trek and when some sort of event takes place, the data is recorded for future review.

What Kind Of Events?

The kinds of eents that will kick this technology into record mode is any hard braking, swerving, unexpected bump or a high level of speed while operating trucks and heavy equipment. The total time of the event recorded is a few seconds prior to the event took place and then a few seconds later. If nothing happens, then the recording device just records over the previous data and it is not saved.

The Review Process

Once the day is over, each set of data is taken from each vehicle and reviewed at a service provider’s location. Experts will review each piece of footage to determine what happened and a score generated, thanks to a predetermined set of guidelines. The score is then reported back to the company that employs the drivers. The review team is typically the company that is supplying the recording products as well. Of course, if a driver had to respond to something on the road such as another reckless driver, it will be reported to the company that the driver used quick thinking to avoid an accident or dangerous situation.

What’s Not Included?

At this point in time, this technology will not report everything that could potentially be an issue. If a driver is distracted while they are driving trucks or heavy equipment, but does not have any issues while behind the wheel, no data is collected. Driving through a stop sign or red light is also often ignored.

“This is not designed as retribution,” says Mike Baker, vice-president worldwide sales, SmartDrive, “but to help them become a safer and more professional driver. In some cases this could be used as an incentive for the driver, to increase wages, or be recognized as one of the safest drivers, but most of all get home safely every day or after every trip.”

Image: @ Cat® Inc. All rights reserved.