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Mechanic’s Helper Tools and Reviews

Yes I think this featured oil funnel is cool and when you see it in the video you’ll say to yourself…”that’s cool!”. It’s a non-spill threaded funnel for Ford and GM vehicles so there is absolutely no chance of making a mess of oil dribbling down the engine block making clean up a hardship. The o-ring seal guarantees that the funnel will seal properly.

It’s supplied by Snap On Tools but may be available elsewhere. It just caught my eye and I started thinking about all the times when the standard / awkward funnels would flip out of the oil fill hole on the engine and add 10 to 15 minutes of clean up to a very basic oil change procedure.

Silicone Rescue Tape

rescue tape made out of silicone

Now I know most mechanics want to fix what’s broken and do it right but what if you’re out on the road taking a holiday or a on service call and you just want to limp the vehicle to the nearest shop or back home?

This silicone wrap makes claims that it will patch coolant hose leaks, fuel leaks and even a leaking brake line and it hardens in 60 seconds. I’ve never used this stuff but you can bet I’ll buy it the first opportunity I get and keep it handy in my tool box.

I’ve been on service calls and used duct tape to do a temporary patch on a hydraulic line or air line just to get a vehicle back to the shop. It’s totally cool to do this when there are no passengers to worry about. The only stipulation with this stuff is the failure must be repaired properly and not used as a permanent fix.

Tite Reach Extension Wrench

This tool would be handy for the DIY guy who doesn’t have any swing room to remove a bolt. It’s ten inches long and has internal sprockets and a chain that turns the socket once it’s in place. The tool comes in 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch drive.

extensions wrench for tight spaces

I wouldn’t depend on this device for a frame bolt or anything but if an M8 bolt is jammed down along the frame and there’s no room for fingers it might get you out of a jam. If you want to comment on these tools please do so and tell us about a tool that you’ve used that has gotten you out of a tight spot.