Medium weight excavators, those weighing 60 to 80 thousand pounds, can be found onsite for a wide range of construction projects. Their relatively light weight and versatility make them a favorite for many contractors. Their ease of transport and ability to do large and small scale work make them the de facto workhorse of the construction industry.

With their relatively small footprint, medium weight excavators can be used for infrastructure projects and demolition projects and everything in between. They are powerful enough to successfully complete large scale projects but small enough to be easily moved from one job site to the next, although some decentralized construction companies choose to save on transportation costs and rent their heavy equipment from vendors near the job site.

One of the reasons medium weight excavators have become so prolific is their wide range of configurations. Says Brian Stellbrink of Caterpillar, A lot of contractors need heavy equipment that can accommodate congested job sites yet still have plenty of lift capacity for large structures, large-diameter pipe, and trench boxes.” Congested, cramped job sites that require powerful machines are perfect for this heavy equipment category. Within the mid-range category, a number of configurations makes light work of earth moving. Wider tracks, larger counterweights, longer booms, longer fronts and varying overhangs give these earth movers the strength and adaptability that contractors need on every successful project.

Technological Advances
Manufacturers of medium weight heavy equipment are always looking to improve their product. Grade control systems look for ways to automatically and precisely control elevation and contour. Pursuing Tier 4 emissions compliance is generating equipment with advanced emission control. Many manufacturers are doing research to create machines that do most of the work automatically, giving operators an added twenty years’ experience.

With all their strength, versatility and technological advances, it’s no wonder that medium weight excavators are the workhorses of the construction industry. As more contractors choose this class of heavy equipment for their construction projects, this class of machinery can only get better.