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New Cummins ISV 5.0 Liter Diesel

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Nissan Titan trucks will be running the new Cummins V8 5.0 Liter diesel engine. The Titan will be a 1500 model which is a twist when you compare the ISB engines that typically ran in the one ton Dodge Pickups. I’m guessing that since this engine is a V8 it’s shorter than the inline 6 ISB so it will fit into the frame without any problems. One disadvantage I can see is the accessibility when it’s time to work on these engines. A V8 takes up all of the room on either side of the engine compartment so you’ll need an eyeball on a stick to get to the tight spots.

Cummins is also developing a model for the commercial marketplace (motor homes, school buses, delivery trucks). The specs on this engine are impressive with a torque rating around 550 lb. ft. along with 300 HP. That much power will definitely work the competition into a frenzy trying to match those numbers. I’m a loyal Cummins fan but the V8 design has never lasted in the truck market and they turn into boat anchors really fast.

Mind you Cummins probably spent a ton of cash on research and development to get these engines mobile. I trust they will do well knowing the experience they have in the truck engine market. The 5.0 Liter will have the patented Cummins high pressure common rail fuel system, variable geometry turbocharger (VGT) and emission control system that runs in the present ISB 6.7 engines. I can vouch in a positive light for Cummins technology in the ISB 6.7 models since we are running over a dozen of these engines in our buses.

Since this engine is suited for the medium duty market I’m not sure if we will jump at the chance of getting the 5.0 Liter in our school buses right away. I’ve learned from experience that when a new engine design comes out it’s always wise to wait a few years before taking that big leap. The Navistar DT 466 engines had never ending problems with their EGR systems when they first came out and we did not buy until a couple of years later and have not experienced too many problems due to the fact that International has remedied the growing pain problems associated with a newly engineered product.

According to Cummins the ISV5 will increase fuel mileage 20 to 40% compared to a gasoline engine with the same performance specs. The weight of the block and head has been reduced drastically using a compacted graphite iron block and high strength aluminum alloy heads with composite valve covers. “Less weight equals better fuel mileage”.

I would definitely like to have a closer look at one of these engines only because it’s Cummins technology running it which has been tested in the field for years. The double overhead cam design is interesting and with the Cummins aftertreatment system producing close to zero emissions along with higher fuel mileage I’m sure there will be a lot of customers ready to give the ISV 5.0 a road test. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think. Have you ever owned a V8 diesel engine or had any in your fleet? I would like to hear from you in the comments below.