The difference between working in a mechanic shop vs office.

What can we learn from other workers in the office space?

I have found some division between shop and office personal, mechanics and truck drivers. Mechanics are smart, but truck drivers are smarter, that type of thing. We all work hard and believe we know what’s best, and sometimes cannot find the time of day to learn something new.

When I’m working away at something, I can sometimes take offence to friendly advice. As stopping to listen, may take more effort than continuing to work. So, I need to ask myself, is foraging on in the dark more useful than stopping to listen to a person’s potentially life-saving advice? And when I say life-saving, I mean time-saving, or perhaps, the answer to a question that was simply unattainable.

I think mechanics are sometimes offended when truck drivers or operators give them potential solutions to problems. The reason being, a technician who is institutionally trained “should know all the answers,” isn’t that the point of spending money at an institution of technology, to know all the answers? A truck driver on the other hand has learned answers to questions by the way of the road, hand me down secrets and tough luck lessons.

I was once shown by a wise truck driver how to do a two-man job with himself and a cleverly placed twenty-five cent piece. You can’t read or learn about this stuff in a book. What I’m getting at here is that we are all too busy and too easily offended to accept or listen to friendly advice. You never know what you are missing out by being too busy, on advice that could change your life. On the other hand, you’ll have to have a keen ear for information, learning to weed out the good and bad advise. This weeding out of advice can only be learned in time and it’ll be up to you to decide whether or not it’s important to you, if it relates to your life, and if it’s worth your time. Don’t be afraid to give advise either, you never know who is willing to listen.

Good Luck! Someday we will all be givers and receivers, of GREAT advise!