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Outsourcing your Job

It‘s a different world from the one our parents grew up in and nowhere has this change had more impact than in our careers and how we manage them.  Most people  don’t really manage their careers, they tend to allow outside forces to dictate their career path to a certain degree.  Downsizing, restructuring, and reorganizing are common terms to describe the act of firing people today. This change is directly related to globalization. Terms like “outsourcing” and “off shoring” have come into vogue as a direct result of Globalization. These new corporate labour options have drastically changed our idea of job security.  What we are experiencing now is massive global change in which labour has become just another commodity.  The old cold war between communist and capitalist societies is over and those countries are now an attractive option for western corporations to reduce labour costs. Why do you think this is a jobless recovery?  Corporations are sitting on piles of cash as the labour cost savings are transferred into profits.  People need to be aware that if your job can be sent to a lower wage country you can be fairly sure that it will!